Our Free From Foods

Acutely conscious of dietary needs – whether through a food allergy or intolerance, Coeliac Disease or lifestyle choice, we are delighted to know we have a strong following for our “Free From something” section.

Three areas of shop display in our delicatessen are full of sauces, pastas, cakes, biscuits and cereals – that all tick a box for someone!

Within our menu we also show all items as GF for gluten free – and with advance notice are happy to cater for the most exacting of needs to ensure our free from customers enjoy fabulous food created with them specifically in mind.

We can also prepare food for home, for freezing and for takeaway.

Pre-order your gluten free bread from us – or buy our fabulous Wessex Mill bread flour to make your own at home.

All our freshly prepared soups are gluten free…. and our gluten free chocolate brownie is becoming the stuff of legend! Served with ice cream and hot chocolate sauce… the words escape me!

We are getting quite a name for ourselves!

Who says eating isn’t exciting when you’ve to be “good”?

Mrs S. from Blackburn gave us the following testimonial.

“My husband has lost a lot of interest in food and I have run short of ideas for finding dishes to tempt him… How fantastic to be able to come to Benedicts to enjoy great food and cakes – and buy things for the cupboard for home too! Its been a revelation and is making eating exciting again..”

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